Our breath is the most important thing in our life. It is our life force, our energy and our power. The breathing is done through the diaphragm using the lungs to their full capacity to strengthen and purify the lungs. This is a three part complete breath. Both the inhale and exhale will be in through the nostrils. You will breath deep down to your belly as it fills and expands. Then, you feel the ribs expand outward and then your upper chest fills the pectorals using the lungs to their full capacity, as nature intended for you to use them.

Breath therapy combined with Yoga and mindful meditation has been found to alleviate and sometimes cure heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma and panic attacks. You will be rewarded with optimal health, calmness, health, well-being and a sense of inner peace.


Meditation is the art of inner listening. It is the harmonizing of the three aspects of our selves; body, mind and spirit.

Meditation is a centering and tuning into a spiritual presence within you. It is simply a way of mastering your mind to temporarily silence the mind, stopping the chatter to become focused and centered.

Meditation is a process in which you come into contact with an inner part of you and through that contact bring realization to the surface in order to have them manifest in your daily life.

When you meditate you will have a greater capacity to cope with life. You will be more centered, focused and in tune with life itself. You will be living in the present moment and enjoying a very peaceful life.