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Irene Holsters lends a lifetime to the theatre of body movement through her Yoga instruction. Starting as a young dancer in Belgium where she received early training, she went on to later work as a dance and fitness instructor. Certification in advanced Yoga instruction was received through White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, and her past 34+ years have been solely dedicated to teaching Yoga.
Irene teaches Hatha Yoga integrated with selected asanas from the Ashtanga flow series as she stylishly delivers a consistently high quality product to the hundreds of loyal and new students who gravitate to classes held at Long Beach Yoga Centre, Long Beach Park & Recreation, or for private instruction. Irene has also conducted several successful retreats at Zen Mountain Center, Ojai Institute, White Lotus Foundation and Costa Rica.

Irene's Yoga classes are truly an experience to appreciate. An ambience of tranquility and universal accord permeates the room as she celebrates her students with delicate chimes and a sweet namaste greeting. Pranayama flows smoothly, instilling a meditative quality. Deep, slow breathing combines with ujjiya breath to expand total lung capacity and compress the systems with fresh oxygen, preparing the body with strength and stamina. During the asanas, each part and function of the body will be called upon to action and as body temperature rises, the breathing, stretching, balancing and relaxing movements synchronize naturally at an individual pace and level of experience. The session concludes with savasana (reclining relaxation) where exquisite and euphoric feelings envelop the body. While in savasana, many people fall into a deep and restful slumber.

The multitude of benefits associated with Yoga are endless and many doctors now recommend the practice for a wide range of problems, including hypertension, multiple sclerosis and back related ailments, depression, stress, and during pregnancy. Regular Yoga practice develops enduring physical strength and flexibility, and enhances one's sensuality/sexuality and feeling good about your body. Discovering Yoga is like walking through a sort of magic door that opens as you step onto that path and your heart and soul will blossom like a flower. Yoga is an ever-enlightening life, a way of being in the world and a true blessing from the universe.

Ms. Holster's program, "Yoga by Irene" is televised on Wednesday at 8:30 PM, channel 65 or 69, Long Beach Community Television. Retreats are ongoing - Private instruction available. Long Beach Yoga Centre (562) 433-7285.

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